About Me


My name is Patricia Rama Cohen. I was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1997.

Since I was a young girl, the world of photography always attracted me. I found it fascinating how a special moment could be captured in just one shot, and that each image reflected the unique vision of the capturer.


I was eager to discover my vision and tell my story through a lens.

In Havana, at the age of 15, during my ¨Quinceañera¨ photo-shoot – a grand tradition in Latin American culture – is when I was first mesmerized by the art of photography. Through a series of images captured by a local Cuban photographer, I could share with others, glimpses of my life, who I was, the woman I was becoming.


I continued to pursue a career in architecture and began studying in Havana, before I finally had the opportunity to leave my island and follow my dreams and aspirations in the United States.

After immigrating, my uncle, Jose, gave me the most precious gift. He had sensed my passion for photography and gifted me my very own camera. This gift is what led to the discovery of my own vision, the ability to capture beauty through my own eyes, and make these fleeting, extraordinary moments, timeless. Through this gift my knowledge and experience continuously grows, something I hope never ends!


My current focus is the immediate world surrounding me, as I immortalize images that I can then transform into different art pieces.

They eye behind the camera lens that captures these images is my vision – timeless art, holding beauty of what surrounds our everyday lives. I am honored to be able to share my art with you.

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